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Tailoring: The Classic Guide
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Whether they are brand new or were published many years ago, tailoring books are a useful tool for learning and reference that both the novice and professional tailor will appreciate. Even though there are many online sites that provide tons of information about tailoring, nothing can compare to actually having a complete reference book. Everyone from paid tailors, costume designers and couture designers, to the amateur, at-home sewing hobbyist can all benefit from these books. Techniques are explained in explicit detail, with numerous illustrations and photos that show the patterns and describe the step-by-step processes, from the beginning to the end.

Older books are just as educational as any modern publication. In fact, many vintage sewing books contain information and techniques that have long been forgotten. The advent of modern sewing machines all too often means that tasks are left to be performed by a machine, rather than executed by hand. While machines can certainly speed up the process and ensure that the finishes are perfect, any adept tailor should be able to perform tailoring duties without the aid of automaton.

Another benefit is that reference books allow the reader to go at their own pace and learn so much more than simply how to do something. Books often contain a wealth of interesting stories and facts that are both entertaining and informative. There are comprehensive publications that offer a wide scope of information about threads, elastics, fabrics, tools, supplies and more, as well as books that are devoted to all aspects of one specific topic, such as cutting techniques.

Vintage tailoring books can be a great source of inspiration for current projects. In fact, most, if not all, clothing designers use them to stimulate the creative process. Often, they will incorporate many of the ideas into their modern designs. However, the wide range of up-to-date publications are also integral to the serious clothier. The most accomplished and well-rounded tailors will be aware of both past methods and modern trends. One is by no means exclusive of the other. In fact, the so-called “new” methods are almost always based on past techniques.

Tailoring books can be procured from a wide variety of sources including the internet, used book sales, estate sales, tag sales and antique stores. There are probably even some lurking in the attics or basements of an aunt or grandmother. Collecting reference books is a hobby for many people, since used versions are fairly inexpensive, if not downright cheap. Many even turn into collector’s items that are worth a nice sum of money. So don’t be afraid to invest in a few tailoring books of your own!